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“Working with Timbrey was one of the best choices I’ve made in my life. She completely altered the trajectory of my son’s growth and development for the better."


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Guiding growth &


Improve breathing & muscle


Facial aesthetics and oral


Finding what matters most to


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Learn about symptoms and treatment options for an attached frenulum


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Guess who got IV therapy with me?! LYNX!!! 

For those of you who don’t know what IV therapy is, it’s a cocktail of vitamins mixed up into an IV bag that is administered intravenously. It is the purest and fastest way to get vitamins and absorbed into your system. 
I’ve done it a few times only when I absolutely need it. When my body is feeling fatigued or dehydrated. And I have loved it every time.

Yesterday when I took the kids with me to do this, the whole process takes about 30 to 45 minutes. They were asking so many questions so I answered all of them and told them honestly what goes on. Every detail. Their eyes got big after I told them the needle goes under my skin. So once I described what it felt like and let them sit with that and, to my surprise, Lynx said that he wanted to do it too. 

I didn’t know what age they would start at so I told him to ask the doctor. The doctor said it was fine and commended his bravery. 

My favorite part to all of this it’s two things: 
One that I allowed my son to make his own choice with the knowledge that I gave him. There were no surprises that came to him. Therefore, he was able to make his own choice and be prepared for the outcome. 

Second, the entire time throughout the process he was very honest with his feelings. “I might cry when he sticks the needle in but after that I think I’ll be fine.” And “I feel scared.” He felt comfortable being vulnerable🙌🏻 

I didn’t try to change how he felt. I didn’t try to move past it by distraction. I sat with him in it and validated every feeling he had and why he would have them. 

I feel like sometimes as parents, it’s so easy to project our own fears onto our kids. Maybe from a past experience we had or the future of what we think “might” happen. But they are different people than us. They didn’t come here to re-live ours. 
It’s easier said than done, and I’m completely guilty of that. But I think it’s a really important message to keep in the back of your mind that we are here to protect them, guide them, and love the crap out of them. And that’s it. They are their own person and we have to let them take the lead on that. 

Good job Lynxy!!!!! ⭐️


Are so darn cute! This one especially got me feeling like I wanted more. Which, if you know me, is crazy talk!!!

This sweet girl was having a hard time latching. Mama was really sore and breastfeeding was PAINFUL! 

⚠️ First off, know this- Breastfeeding should never be painful ⚠️ 

When she came in to me to be assessed for a tie (this could be tongue, lip, or buccal), her lip tie was not only thick but attached low on the gum line. This prevents her from being able to flange her lips out and over, to create a deep latch. 

Shallow latch = frustrated baby. In pain and frustrated mama 👎🏻

Dr. Kathleen Carson @integrativedentalarts released this sweet girl and I helped teach the mama how to get a better latch, and all is well in the world. 

I love working with the babies. I love seeing the mamas get relief physically and emotionally. 

#breastfeeding #tonguetie #liptie #frenuloplasty #myofunctionaltherapy #ibclc #theintegrativehygienist #timbreylind
Vitamin C Popsicles 

So easy and delicious!!! Makes it more fun to take the vitamins this way!

I use vitamin C powder, so putting them in a smoothie is the most efficient to get them to eat it all. 

I make the smoothie and put a TON of vit c in with it. Blend it up and mold it to popsicles. 

Here’s the recipe👇🏻
- 1 cup fresh raspberries
- 1 cup frozen pineapple
- 1/2 cup frozen mango
- 1 tbl vit c powder
- 1 drop of @lifecykel mushrooms (chaga and lions mane)
- 1 1/2 cup water or hemp milk

Blend it up and freeze! We’ve been under the weather over here so I always go straight to giving them as much vit c as their little bodies can handle. 

#health #vitamins #kids #motherhood
“Mama I’m going to check your teeth”

Raising my kids, I’ve been so lucky to have the knowledge I’ve gained throughout the years of overall health, dental and facial health. 

It’s so easy to be hard on ourselves as mothers. “Missing” bits of advice that maybe could have changed an outcome. 

But the truth is, we all have something to offer. You have a knowledge I don’t. Our lack of community this day and age prevents us all from sharing our knowledge openly and willingly. 

This is the main reason I use social media. I want to educate. I want to give everything I know out to whoever watches, reads, or needs it. Knowledge is meant to be shared, not kept. 

I’ve loved being able to teach my kids weird and important things about health. We look at our plaque under a microscope and I tell them what the “bugs” are. We talk about our poop and what makes it healthy/ unhealthy. We talk about the food we consume and how it damages/ benefits our body. 

I love knowledge. It truly is powerful. I hope you find knowledge here on my page that benefits you and teaches something you might not have understood or known. 

That’s why I’m here. 🤍🌈

#timbreylind #myofunctionaltherapy #knowledge #knowledgeispower #health #motherhood #theintegrativehygienist
When you aren’t used to swallowing with your tongue up, your brain and muscles freak out. 😂😂😂

She was trying hard to swallow with her tongue up. Pay attention to her muscles reactions. When our brain isn’t used to doing things “the same way”, it sends signals to other muscles to help assist. This could include the eyes, the lips, the cheeks, the neck, the shoulders, or even the whole body sometimes. 

If you’re swallowing properly, all other muscles should be relaxed and be able to perform the task on demand. 👌🏻

#properswallow #tonguethrust #tongueup #myofunctionaltherapy #theintegrativehygienist #timbreylind

What are some physical signs that tell you, you might be getting low quality sleep??

In this picture specifically, I saw this patient as a new patient and before he even told me what he was here to see me for, I knew. 

I saw he had: 

1. Flattened teeth (from years of bruxing or grinding)
2. He had tori which is overgrowth of extra bone from abnormal pressure on the teeth, can also be a side affect is grinding, or a malaligned bite.
3. An edge to edge bite. This is when the edge of your front teeth line up with the edge of your bottom teeth. Normally, your upper teeth would overlap your lower teeth by 1-2cm. This often happens because when you’re struggling to breathe at night and you’re not getting enough oxygen, your lower jaw moves forward to open your airway to provide more oxygen intake. 

Now, that being said, this isn’t his “natural” bite. It’s his chosen bite. Where he feels most comfortable. 


He has sleep issues. He snores, took a test and came back with moderate sleep apnea, doesn’t feel rested upon waking, doesn’t have dreams, and can’t get weight off. His memory is lacking and so is his focus. 

These are all symptoms of sleep disordered breathing. 

If you have any of these symptoms and would like some guidance, DM me! 

#sleepdisorders #sleepproblems #sleepapnea #grinding #theintegrativehygienist #timbreylind


live better.